Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Condom Drink - 3x frozen 1x fresh

Tom had previously spunked into 3 condoms and kept them frozen. I suck and slurp on the frozen condoms to defrost the frozen cum before pouring the defrosted spunk into my waiting mouth. Empty condoms are so much fun so Tom reuses one of the condoms providing me with a lovely fresh load of love juice just so I have a fresh cum-filled condom to play with and then drink.

Check out the video here and visit my site to see my other videos and pics – still some work to do but getting there slowly!

Check out the pics here Condom Drink – 3 Frozen and 1 Fresh -  for the moment pic access is free – so you can see what the videos are like – but enjoy while you can as I’ll be making them part of the paid site membership when site does get launched. 

Yvette Kiss


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  2. Hi Ivette, congratulation for one more video secction, I have a question for you, have you ever thought to drink cum for other man, like five ou six men cum in you wonderful bobs and face.
    Sorry my english I'm from brazil

  3. You are amazing. I love your videos and pictures. Your cum play is fantastic. Keep up the great work!

  4. I'm gonna kill your husband then kidnapped you and fuck you in the ass and cum inside your mouth
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  5. Hi Yvette. We have no news.... What happening ?

  6. Hi Yvette Love your videos there amazing always had a fetish for cum with wife that nose video you did was one in a million, maybe could do in the ear? Or cum through a funnel into your nose?